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Please keep in mind you will need a computer that allows you to watch a .wmv file. If you do not have this, a trip to your local library should help!

Overview of Video:

Dylan Wiliams is an international leader and researcher in the field of education. In 2008, he presented at PDE's Governor's Institute. You are expected to watch his presentation conducted at the Institute. He lays the foundation as to what the factors are in quality, effective teaching, including formative assessments. Dylan Wiliams cites numerous research regarding education and the impact of quality teaching on student learning. Watch Part 1 (or Part 2 based on clock parnters) of his presentation at the Governor's Institute to learn what he has to say regarding effective instruction. When you are done watching the video, you will be expected to share your understanding to your partner, highlighting the most important points to you. The videos can be accessed below:

Part I of Dylan Wiliams: (you can skip the first 10+ minutes where Dr. Zahorcheck is talking)

Part II of Dylan Wiliams video:

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Dylan Wiliams short video on formative assessment:

Dylan Wiliams short video on assessment:

Dylan Wiliams Activity